Quick start

Procedure to search cildb version 3.0

Once on the home page of Cildb V3.0,
1 click on the search button
2 choose the organism in which you will search the proteome
3 go to the next page (filters)

4 choose the criteria you want to filter, here for instance the key word 'dynein', that you have to write between '%' to allow search at all positions within the text fields
5 go to the next page (output)

6 choose the attributes you want to display in the result table

and other attributes in the list...
7 click on results

You then visualize the results of your search.
8 display results by pages of 20
9 export the whole table in txt format to further open it in excel
10 optionally, click on Back to re-adjust filters and output (steps 4 - 7)